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Prescription Medical Kits

Prescription Medical Kits

by OceanMedix


leaving-bora-200x307.jpgOceanMedix has designed a comprehensive selection of Prescription Medical Kits for the Individual, the extended Coastal Cruiser / Passagemaker and the Ocean Voyager. Prescription Medications are a necessary component of medical preparedness and each of our Prescription Medical Kits has been specifically designed and sized to be used in conjunction with a First Aid Manual and to compliment the First Aid or Medical Kit that is carried onboard. The Prescription Medications have been selected, and provided in adequate quantities, for use in almost any first aid or emergency medical situation that might arise while on a boating adventure. Click here for a List of Contents.

In the sometimes daunting process of preparing a vessel for a sanctioned offshore event or an ocean adventure, one of the most time consuming and frustrating task can be that of filling the Prescription Medications component of the First Aid or Medical Kit. Research must be done; a physician must be consulted; a prescription list developed; and, then it must be filled at a pharmacy. Our goal at OceanMedix is to fill that gap by providing a selection of Prescription Kits that meet the needs of the recreational boater. OceanMedix reduces the task to that of selecting the appropriate Prescription Medical Kit and then placing your order with us.

prescription-kits-all-250x.jpgEach of our kits is assembled to order, not pulled off the shelf, to insure the freshness of each dated medication. The medications are then organized in a case custom fabricated from rugged 1000  Denier grade nylon with heavy duty, self healing, spiral zippers and internal removable pouches. The Physician's Prescription Order and Instructions for Use, and a Use Record / Re-order Form is included with each kit.

The OceanMedix Cruiser Prescription Kit, Ocean Voyager Prescription Kit, Suture Pack and IV Pack are dispensed to those embarking on an extended Coastal Cruise, Ocean Passage or Extended Ocean Voyage. Documentation is in the name of the Vessel, the Managing Owner noted on the vessel document or registration; and, if applicable, the designated Captain or Medical Officer.

The OceanMedix Individual Prescription Kit is dispensed to an individual embarking on an extended Coastal Cruise, Ocean Passage or Extended Ocean Voyage. Documentation is in the name of the Individual purchasing the kit, with the use of the kit intended for that individual.

All of our Prescription Kits are designed and intended for use at sea and where direct access to professional medical care is not an option. All medications, medical items and supplies  are to be used under the direct supervision of the Captain / Skipper and /or the designated Medical Officer onboard. Whenever possible a physician should be consulted prior to the use of any prescription medication. Additional training may be required for the proper use of medical equipment and supplies. All prescription medications must be administered in accordance with the product literature and all printed instructions. Use of any medication must be terminated at the onset of any adverse reaction.

   Dr. Brent Blue provides physician support for its medical products. You may contact our own Dr. Brent Blue via email or phone for help using any of our medical products.







In addition to our line of Prescription Medical Kits, a Custom Prescription Medical Kit can be designed and developed by OceanMedix to meet the specific prescription medication needs of any specialized voyage or adventure. Don't hesitate to contact us with your specialized needs.

The OceanMedix Prescription Medical Kits contain medications provided in anticipation of first aid or emergency medical situations that might arise and are not intended to replace any medications that might be prescribed by one's own personal physician. An individual should be fully informed by one's own personal physician with regard to any and all complications and contra-indications that might arise as the result of the use of those medications and in conjunction with the use of any other medication.

Due to the lack of a diagnosis for an existing medical condition, Prescription Medical Kits are not eligible for reimbursement by medical insurance companies or Medicare.

Processing your order: As we assemble each of our Prescription Medical Kits to order, each kit will be shipped within 7 - 10 business days of receipt of your order and the receipt of the required supporting documentation ( see below ).

****Please Note****

Supporting documentation is required in order to process your order. Please click here for the necessary PDF form. This form must be completed in full and returned to us by Fax.
Your order can not be processed until this information is received.

( Note: Supporting documentation is not required when purchasing the Individual  Prescription Kit. )