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  • OceanMedix - Global Traveler Prescription Medications Kit
  • OceanMedix - Global Traveler Prescription Medications Kit

OceanMedix - Global Traveler Prescription Medications Kit

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Product Description

Global Traveler Prescription Medications Kit
    configured by: OceanMedix

 OceanMedix - Global Traveler

The OceanMedix - Global Traveler Prescription Medications Kit is configured for the individual preparing to head "out there". When heading to a remote location at the end of the trail or beyond, this prescription kit contains a selection of prescription medications to be carried in anticipation of need, where there is no direct access to a pharmacy or to professional medical care.

The parameters for this kit are:

  • For use by 1 - 2 Global Travelers
  • Dispensed in anticipation of need
  • When up to 24 hours away from direct professional medical care
  • Trip duration in excess of 7 - 10 days

Each of our kits is assembled to order, to insure the freshness of each dated medication. The medications are organized in a case custom fabricated from rugged 1000 Denier grade nylon with heavy duty, self healing, spiral zipper. The Physician's Prescription Order and Instructions for Use, and a Use Record / Re-order Form is included in each kit.

Size: 8.5" x 7" x 3"
Weight: 1 lbs. 4 oz.

 List of Contents:


Purpose / Condition:


Size / Quantity:


Wound Cleaning / Skin Sterilization:

povidone-iodine 10% topical Swabsticks

(6) sticks


     (to include infectious diarrhea):


(20) tablet 500mg bottle


Upper Respiratory Infections only:

azithromycin (generic for Zithromax)

(1) 250mg x 6 tablet card


Abdominal Infections
     (to include Giardia):

metronidazole (generic for Flagyl)

(21) tablet 500mg bottle


Severe Cough:

benzonatate (generic for Tessalon Perles)

(30) tablet 200 mg bottle


Anti-inflammatory, non-narcotic
    pain reliever:                                  

Ibuprofen (prescription strength)

(20) tablet 800 mg bottle


Burns with open skin:

silver sulfadiazine 1% cream

(1)  50 gm tube


Eye Infection, including styes:  

     (can also be used in outer ear)

gentamicin sulfate solution

(1)  5 ml bottle


Stomach Discomfort:

omperazole (generic for Prilosec)

(30) tablet 20 mg bottle


Stomach Discomfort:

extra strength antacid ( for use in combination with medication above )

(48) tablet bottle


Severe Diarrhea:

diphenoxylate / atropine (generic for Lomotil)

(20) tablet 2.5 / .025 mg bottle


Stool Softener:

docusate sodium

(20) tablet 100 mg bottle


Skin Rashes:

TAC Cream - triamcinolone acetonide USP, 0.1%

(1)  15 gm tube


Severe Allergic Reaction - Anaphylaxis,

    life threatening, with hives, wheezing:

epinephrine - injectable

(2) 1 cc vials
(4) 1 cc syringes

(4) alcohol prep pads


Allergic Reaction:

diphenhydramine HCL (generic for Benadryl)

(30) tablet 25 mg bottle


Dental Pain:

Anbesol, Maximum Strength Oral Anesthetic Gel

(1) 0.33 gm tube

The OceanMedix Prescription Medical Kits contain medications provided in anticipation of first aid or emergency medical situations that might arise and are not intended to replace any medications that might be prescribed by one's own personal physician. An individual should be fully informed by one's own personal physician with regard to any and all complications and contra-indications that might arise as the result of the use of those medications and in conjunction with the use of any other medication.

For urgent or emergency issues a physician must be consulted prior to the use of prescription medications. Additional training may be required for the proper use of medical equipment and supplies. All prescription medications must be administered in accordance with the product literature, all printed, and supervising physician / physician service verbal instructions. Use of any medication must be terminated at the onset of any adverse reaction.

Due to the lack of a diagnosis for an existing medical condition, Prescription Medical Kits are not eligible for reimbursement by medical insurance companies or Medicare.

Shipping Notes:

  • Each OceanMedix Kit containing prescription medications is packed to order., and usually ships within 5-7 business days.
  • OceanMedix Prescription products can only be shipped within the U.S.A.




If you have any questions concerning this product, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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