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Medical Preparation for the Pacific Cup - 2016

by Denny Emory, co-founder of OceanMedix
Pacific Cup Medical Seminar presented by the Pacific Offshore Academy, February, 2016

Denny spoke at the Pacific Cup Medical Seminar, presented by the Pacific Offshore Academy at the Richmond Yacht Club in California on February 13, 2016. The program was for participants entered in the 2016 Pacific Cup, Fun Race to Hawaii.

Medical Preparedness for the Coastal Cruiser and Offshore Voyager

by Denny Emory, co-founder of OceanMedix
Latitudes & Attitudes, November, 2006, Sixth Annual Seafaring Special

Having first met Bob Bitchin & Jody in English Harbor, Antigua in 1995 at the end of a global sailing adventure, that friendship continued. With the advent of Bob & Jody's Latitudes & Attitudes magazine and the co-founding of OceanMedix in 2006, Denny was asked to write an article for the new magazine..... here it is.

Doc Blue's Emergency Medical Kit

by Brent Blue M.D., co-founder of OceanMedix

Do you carry a first aid kit in your airplane or car? According to AVweb's Brent Blue M.D., first aid kits of the drugstore variety are mostly packed with stuff that is totally useless and occasionally harmful. Over the years, Dr. Blue has assembled his own traveling medical kit for dealing with on-the-road emergencies, based on his long experience as an emergency room doc, frequent traveler, pilot, outdoors-man, and dad. He offers details of exactly what's in his kit, why each item is there, and how to assemble a really good kit of your own.

Non-Pyrotechnic Signalling Lights

by Tim Queeney, editor
Ocean Voyager, 2014

An alternative to burning flares.

Taking the "Search" Out of "Search-and-Rescue"
The new generation of 406 MHz Personal Locator Beacons

by Brent Blue M.D., co-founder of OceanMedix

After years of bureaucratic delay, the FCC has finally approved the use of 406 MHz PLBs in the United States starting July 1, 2003. For less than $800, you can now carry technology in your flight bag or survival kit that will alert Search-and-Rescue agencies of your identity and exact location within five minutes. These new PLBs provide protection not just for flying, but also all sorts of other outdoor activities.

CNN Review: High tech device stops nausea

For someone who gets dizzy from standing up too suddenly, whale-watching probably wasn't the sharpest idea. But emboldened by the release of the ReliefBand, a new electronic device that combats motion sickness, I took a friend on a four-hour tour off the California coast and hoped for the best.

ReliefBand: Best Remedy Yet For Motion Sickness

by Brent Blue M.D., co-founder of OceanMedix

Whatever euphemism you use -- puking, urping, barfing, power yawn -- motion sickness is a huge problem for aviation. It's a common reason for student pilots to quit, a major impediment to aerobatic training, and such a serious problem for passengers that many pilots can't coax spouses or children to fly with them. In this interview, AVweb's aeromedical expert Dr. Brent Blue talks about what causes motion sickness and discusses the various drug and non-drug remedies available, including a just-released electronic device that looks like it might be the best answer yet.

NY Times: A Glimpse of a Future in a New Kind of Light

A report on LED lights from the New York Times.