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First Aid Kits

First Aid and Medical Kits

at-sea.jpgOceanMedix offers a comprehensive selection of First Aid and Medical Kits for the Coastal Cruiser and Ocean Voyager. Each kit has been specifically designed  and sized to meet the first aid and emergency medical needs that might arise while engaged in an extended Coastal Cruise, an Ocean Passage, and extended Ocean Voyage. 

Interestingly the U.S. Coast Guard does not include a First Aid or Medical Kit in it's list of the Minimum Requirements for equipment carried on Recreational Vessels. These requirements constitute only a minimum and a reasonable and prudent mariner would certainly include a First Aid or Medical Kit as an integral part of the safety and emergency equipment carried onboard any vessel.

The subject of First Aid and Medical Kits and related medical stores are covered in the chapters of may books, numerous articles and by speakers at Safety-At-Sea seminars. The common theme is that any vessel should indeed carry  a suitable First Aid Manual, a First Aid or Medical Kit, Prescription Medications, and related Additional Medical Supplies and Equipment and an adequate supply of over-the-counter first aid supplies and medications, in anticipation of almost any conceivable first aid or medical emergency that might arise.

An extremely useful guide in preparing any vessel for an extended Coastal Cruise, an Ocean Passage, or an extended Ocean Voyage is the publication ISAF Offshore Special Regulations Governing Offshore Racing for Monohulls & Multihulls, Including US Sailing Prescriptions, current edition (US Edition 2006-2007), developed by the U.S. Sailing Association and International Sailing Federation (ISAF). These Special Regulations have been adopted by almost all sanctioned sailing events and can serve as an excellent guide and comprehensive checklist regarding the preparation of a vessel and the training requirements of the crew, whether sail or power.

The  ISAF Offshore Special Regulations address Medical Emergency Preparedness in Section 4.08 First Aid Manual and First Aid Kit

Article 4.08.1 states: "A suitable First Aid Manual shall be provided".
Article 4.08.2 states: "A First Aid Kit shall be provided."
Article 4.08.3 states: "The contents and storage of the First Aid Kits should reflect the guidelines of the Manual carried, the likely conditions and duration of the passage, and the number of people aboard the yacht."
Article 4.08.4 states: "At least one member of the crew shall be familiar with First Aid procedures, hypothermia and relevant communication systems."
Article 4.08.5 states: "Medical training - See OSR 6.05"  and relates to Category 0 - Trans-Ocean passages.
Article 6.05.1 states: "At least two members of the crew shall be able to apply simple strapping and plaster casts, undertake skin suturing, insert intravenous cannulae and give intravenous fluids, give both intra-muscular and intravenous injections and apply a temporary dental filling.