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OceanMedix is proud to offer the following Internet Links for our customers. There is an almost infinite source of information available and the links listed here represent those information sources, organizations and service providers that have been useful to me through the years.


 You may contact our own Captain Denny Emory via email or phone with regard to any of our OceanMedix Internet Links





    Medical Advisory Services & Training:
            Maritime Medical Access

                        Maritime Medical Access of the George Washington University Medical Center in Washington, DC is a subscription based provider of tele-medical services. The Maritime Programs Director, handles administrative issues and pre-departure questions. Once underway, incoming calls are on a direct line to the Emergency Room. On an Ocean Voyage in 2004 I made three satellite phone calls to MMA; on two, the Doctor-on-Duty answered the phone; and, on the third a receptionist answered the phone and before she finished her intro the Doctor was on the line. Medical advise is clear, thorough and immediate - 24 / 7! Fees are extremely reasonable and worth every penny just for the piece of mind alone, not to mention excellent service if needed. In addition Maritime Medical Access can provide consulting services and crew training in preparation of an Ocean Voyage.

        Registration of 406MHz EPIRBs and PLBs:
NOAA Beacon Registration Website
                        Users in the United States may now register their 406 MHz EPIRBs and PLBs online
with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Users may also access and amend this registration information and intended travel / area of use plan. Registration information includes the make, model, and 15-character unique identification number (UIN) of the EPIRB or PLB, owner / users name, address, phone number, and primary and alternate 24-hour emergency contact phone numbers. This information is entered into a database accessible at the Mission Control Center, so that if your EPIRB or PLB is ever activated, the owner / user's information will immediately pop up on a computer screen at the MCC. Personnel  will then attempt to contact the owner / user of record  and the designated emergency contacts to establish that the unique distress signal is genuine (and not a false-alarm), and to verify everything about the owner / user's intended travel / area of use plan, whereabouts and situation. This information is then be passed on to the appropriate search-and-rescue agency.

IMPORTANT NOTE - 406MHz EPIRB and PLB Registration at this NOAA website is only open to US citizens, US Citizens living abroad, and alien residents currently living in the US with a valid US address. International customers must contact their own governing agency for registration information.

    Weather Sites: 
            NOAA / National Weather Service:
                            NOAA / NWS Marine Forecasts - Home
                            National Hurricane Center

                                        ( Tropical Prediction Center)

                            RadioFax Charts over the Internet
( viewed best in "GIF" format )
                                        NW Atlantic
                                                Boston, MA - Station NMF
                                        Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean, Tropical Atlantic, and Tropical NE Pacific
                                                New Orleans, LA - Station NMK
                                        North Pacific and Tropical East Pacific
                                                Pt. Reyes, CA - Station NMC
                                        Hawaii, Central Pacific, and Tropical NE Pacific

                                                Honolulu, HI - Station KVM-70
                                        Alaska and North Pacific
                                                Kodiak, AK - Station NOJ

            US Naval Oceanographic Office:
                            Gulf Stream - North (color)
Chart is in color, and it takes a little time to download after site opens - worth the wait.
                            Gulf Stream - South (color)
Chart is in color, and it takes a little time to download after site opens - worth the wait.
                            Gulf Stream - North (black & white)
                                        Chart is in black & white. Updated every few days, it contains water temperatures, Gulf Stream delineation, warm and cold eddies, direction of flow and speed. This is a very useful chart in passage planning and offshore navigation. (Download is often temperamental. If the chart does not display on the first try, click on your "refresh" tab.)
                            Gulf Stream - South (black & white)
                                        Chart is in black & white. Updated every few days, it contains water temperatures, Gulf Stream delineation, warm and cold eddies, direction of flow and speed. This is a very useful chart in passage planning and offshore navigation. (Download is often temperamental. If the chart does not display on the first try, click on your "refresh" tab.)

            US Coast Guard International Ice Patrol:
                            Ice Chart
                                        "Iceberg Dead Ahead!"
If only Captain Smith had had access to this information, the RMS TITANIC might be serving as a floating tourist trap somewhere to this day.

            Hurricane Preparedness:
                            National Hurricane Center

                                        ( Tropical Prediction Center)
                            Hurricane Preparedness - Marine Safety
( National Hurricane Center )
                            BoatU.S. Hurricane Center
                                        A lot of good information here.

            Additional Weather Sites:
                            Live Weather Images

                                        This is a fun site as it links to weather images from all over the world. Of particular interest are the blocks titled "Bodies of Water" and "Hurricanes, Cyclones, Tropical Storms, etc." It is listed as a "non-profit site" and well worth a visit.

    Weather Routing & Related Services:
            Commander's Weather
                     Commander's Weather
is the professional weather consulting and routing service I have used for many years for both yacht deliveries and ocean voyages. My yacht deliveries tend to be scheduled at the beginning / end of the season and it often can become a game of tag with weather systems. The team at Commander's Weather will assist in initial passage planning, pre-departure planning, provide a packet of passage forecast  information and en route consultation via e-mail, satellite phone, SSB / phone patch. This is a fee based service; yet, not expensive at all, especially when one considers the quality and level of service provided.
            Southbound II / Herb Hilgenberg
In short, Herb is "the Man"! His website states "Ship-Routing and Weather Forecasting for Vessels on the High Seas". Herb initially went on the air in 1987 from Bermuda. He now transmits from his home in Burlington, Ontario as "Southbound II", VAX 498. He speaks to 60 - 70 boats daily throughout the North Atlantic, from the east coast of North America to Europe, the Caribbean, and the Gulf of Mexico. Herb is on the air daily at 2000 UTC/Z on SSB frequency 12359.0 kHz ( 12-C ). Check-in between 1940 and 2000 and stand by. For non-commercial vessels this service is provided free of charge; yet, a contribution is appreciated.
            Jenifer Clark's Gulfstream
                    Jenifer Clark is a Professional Satellite Oceanographer with 26 years experience as NOAA's Gulf Stream expert and 8 years of experience running her own company. Those who use her service swear by it - take advantage of her real time ocean charts for sailboat racing, boat deliveries, ocean cruising, and offshore fishing. This is a fee based service.

            Marine Computer Systems
                    Dan Piltch of Marine Computer Systems specializes in custom computer based systems for pleasure craft and commercial vessels - a full service company covering all aspects of computer systems and satellite communication including concept, design and training.
            DockSide Radio
                  Dealt with the Federal Bureaucracy lately? International regulations require that the FCC properly license all U.S. ships/boats carrying VHF or SSB radios operating outside of U.S. waters. FCC regulations also require that any U.S. ship/boat operating within U.S. waters carrying a marine SSB radio must have a station license.  Two FCC licenses are required to be properly licensed; a Ships Station License (the official call letters for the boat), and a Restricted Radio Operators Permit (a license for the person operating the radio). Trust me!, let Gary Jensen of DockSide Radio file and track your license applications for you. He will do a great job and you will be issued your licenses without all the headaches. DockSide Radio is also a good source for communication equipment and advise.
                    UUPlus is an e-mail software system that works great with computer / satellite phone systems, cellular phones and HF modems. One can work of-line on e-mail messages and then hit the connect button; all messages outbound and inbound are compressed and blasted through; keeping air time to and charges to a minimum. In addition to great software, they have great support.
SailMail is a non-profit association providing e-mail services for yachts via marine HF SSB radio.This is a terrific service !

    Organizations & Government Agencies:
            U.S. Coast Guard
            U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary
            U.S. Sailing Association
                    The U.S. governing body of the sport.
            International Sailing Federation
                    The international governing body of the sport.
            Cruising Club of America
                    The Cruising Club of America was launched in the winter of 1921-1922 by a handful of experienced offshore sailors interested in cruising and the development of the cruising type of yacht. The CCA is co-sponsor of the bi-annual Newport Bermuda Race, now in it's 100th year. The website contains valuable information, has a number of useful links and is worth a visit.
            Storm Trysail Club
                    The first two generations of American ocean racers - the one of the 'twenties that founded the CCA and the one of the 'thirties and 'forties that founded The Storm Trysail Club.... Now very involved in Safety at Sea issues, a website worthy of a visit.
            Ocean Cruising Club
                    The Ocean Cruising Club is an International Club administered from the U.K., founded in 1954. Long passages in small boats have formed a common bond.
            Seven Seas Cruising Association

                    Seven Seas Cruising Association is an international, non-profit, organization that shares cruising experiences and information. Great website with lots of information and links.

            Safety-At-Sea Seminars
                    Presented by US Sailing and a blue ribbon group of sponsors - before you head offshore, attend one of the most authoritative daylong seminar on safe seamanship, heavy-weather tactics, and boat preparation. See safety-equipment demos and crew-overboard-recovery techniques. Pose questions to the panel of expert bluewater sailors. Tuition fees vary, and seating is limited. This could be the most important day of your sailing life.
            Trawler Fest

                    PassageMaker Magazine's Trawler Fest - boat shows custom tailored for the trawler and ocean motorboater. Seminars, training, displays, "a Just For Women" boat handling mini-course,! Four events scheduled for 2006 - Washington State, Connecticut, Wisconsin and Maryland.
            The Newport Bermuda Race
            The Pacific Cup
            The Marion to Bermuda Race
            The Marblehead-to-Halifax Race

            Practical Sailor
            National Fisherman Magazine
            Blue Water Sailing Magazine
            Cruising World Magazine
            Latitudes & Attitudes Magazine

            Ocean Navigator Magazine
            PassageMaker Magazine      

    Yacht Manufacturers:
            Morris Yachts
            Lyman  Morse Boatbuilding Company
            Brooklin Boat Yard
            Nordhavn Trawlers by Pacific Asian Enterprises
            The Hinckley Company           

    Yacht Transportation:
            Dockwise Yacht Transport
These ARE the float-on / float-off folks. Their fleet of semi-submersible ships ply the oceans of the world allowing one to move a yacht quickly, efficiently and economically almost anywhere.
            Pettegrow Yacht Trucking
                    Pettegrow Yacht Trucking
does not have a website. They are based out of Southwest Harbor, Maine and have the equipment and experience to truck a vessel anywhere in North America. Please call Barb or Corry at 1-207-244-3514 to discuss your overland yacht transportation needs.
            Yacht Path International
                    Providing yacht transport world wide. Yacht Path International utilizes lift on / lift off capabilities to transport almost any recreational vessel anywhere. Base out of Florida, their 2006 scheduled sailing include ports of call in Florida, Mexico, British Columbia, Hawaii and Australia.
            Sevenstar Yacht Transport
                    Sevenstar Yacht Transport offers yacht transport services year round to and from many popular port cities in Europe, the USA, the Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand and the Far East. Utilizing more than 100 independent carriers with lift on / lift off capabilities  they can also arrange special yacht transport to any worldwide destination. Ports of Call in the USA include Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Newport, RI, Savannah, GA and Jacksonville, FL.

     Grossetti License Consulting

                      For questions and assistance with regard to U.S. Coast Guard licensing issues, Mark Grossetti, a retired U.S. Coast Guard Lieutenant Commander, has been providing licensing services since 1979.