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Commercial Vessel Medical Kits

Commercial Vessel Medical Kits

Configured by OceanMedix

fvmko-open.jpgIntroduced by OceanMedix at the 2015 International WorkBoat Show

The comprehensive selection of Commercial Vessel Medical Kits configured by OceanMedix is designed for commercial vessels operating inland / coastally ( "near coastal" / inside the Boundary Line / 12 Mile Limit ), and also those venturing offshore ( outside the Boundary Line / 12 Mile Limit ) or to a remote location. Based upon the parameters of "suitable" and "appropriate" as most often found in the CFRs and related regulations; OceanMedix goal is to exceed expectation with a quality kit, components and modules at a competitive price to meet the demanding needs of the commercial vessel market.

Being properly outfitted in anticipation of a potential medical situation, either injury or illness is essential. Time and preparedness can be of the essence and can significantly contribute to a positive outcome. In addition to the health and welfare of a valued crew member, one must also factor in:

  • The expense and time lost due to an aborted trip.
  • The loss of contract revenue.
  • Time and expense of a visit to the ER / hospital.
  • The loss of a valued crew member due to medical recovery time.
  • The cost of Workman's Comp., if applicable, and related costs and expenses.
fvpmm-sm-contents-2.jpgOceanMedix Commercial Vessel Medical Kits are available in both "Coastal" and "Offshore" versions configured in three sizes ( small, medium and large ) to accommodate:
  • The number of Persons Onboard ( POB )
  • The duration of the trip
  • The time / distance away from professional medical care

marine-med-2.jpgThe components of the Coastal OceanMedix Commercial Vessel Medical Kits include:

  • A First Aid Manual
  • First Aid Supplies
  • A Severe Bleeding Management Module
  • A rugged Pelican Case

The components of the Offshore OceanMedix Commercial Vessel Medical Kits include:

  • A First Aid Manual
  • First Aid Supplies
  • A Prescription Medications Module
  • A Severe Bleeding Management Module
  • A rugged Pelican Case

fvsbmodule-small.jpgThe OceanMedix Prescription Medications Modules are a necessary component of medical preparedness for those vessels venturing offshore or to a remote location where direct professional care is not an option. The Prescription Medications have been selected, and provided in adequate quantities, for use in almost any first aid or emergency medical situation that might arise. To insure the freshness of each dated prescription medication, each Prescription Medications Module is assembled to order.

The Prescription Medications Module is provided with:

  • Physician's Prescription Order and Instructions for Use
  • Use Record / Re-order Form

The Prescription Medications Module is dispensed:

  • in the name of the vessel,
  • the owner of record,
  • the state reg. / US documentation number, the captain, and
  • the displayed IRCS / Federal Permit number, if applicable.

For each Prescription Medications Module OceanMedix Provides:

  • Physician's Prescription Authority
  • Physician's Written Instructions For Use
  • Medical Oversight
  • Medication Expiration Notification
  • Medication Re-Fill Services

   Dr. Brent Blue provides physician support for its medical products. You may contact our own Medical Director, Dr. Brent Blue via email or phone for help using any of our medical products.








In the sometimes daunting process of preparing a vessel for a trip, one of the most time consuming and frustrating tasks can be that of addressing the Prescription Medications component of the First Aid or Medical Kit. Research must be done; a physician must be consulted; a prescription list developed; and, then it must be filled at a pharmacy. Our goal at OceanMedix is to fill that gap by providing a selection of Prescription Medications Modules that meet the needs of the Commercial Fisherman. OceanMedix reduces the task to that of selecting the appropriate Commercial Vessel Medical Kit and then placing your order with us.

fvsup-pelican-case-open-out.jpgIn addition complete kits, each module / component of the OceanMedix Commercial Vessel Medical Kit can be purchased separately as a stand alone element, or to supplement and existing First Aid Kit. Custom Medical Kit can be designed and configured by OceanMedix to meet the specific medical needs of any specialized voyage.. 

Don't hesitate to contact us with your specialized needs.

The OceanMedix Prescription Medical Kits contain medications provided in anticipation of first aid or emergency medical situations that might arise and are not intended to replace any medications that might be prescribed by one's own personal physician. An individual should be fully informed by one's own personal physician with regard to any and all complications and contra-indications that might arise as the result of the use of those medications and in conjunction with the possible use of any other medication.

Whenever possible a physician should be consulted prior to the use of any prescription medication. All prescription medications must be administered in accordance with the product literature and all printed instructions. Use of any medication must be terminated at the onset of any side effects or adverse reactions.

Processing your order:  As OceanMedix assembles each of our Commercial Vessel Prescription Medications Module to order. Please allow 7 - 10 business days.