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  • FireTKO FST - Fire Suppression Tool

FireTKO FST - Fire Suppression Tool

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Product Description

FireTKO FST - Fire Suppression Tool
    by Fire Suppression Solutions LLC


Introducing the FireTKO FST - Fire Suppression Tool.  Seconds count when a fire breaks out. Early use of the FireTKO FST (Fire Suppression Tool) will knockdown the flames, greatly reduce the temperature (by as much as 1,000°F in 30 seconds), reduce the need for water by as much as 80% and stop the fires propagation.

The FireTKO FST is designed for mobile total flooding fire suppression applications on land and sea. The FST is a highly effective tool for the suppression of early stage and fully developed fires; preventing flash-over and back-draft.

The unit offers dual protection for Firefighters as it will lower the temperature to under the self-ignition temperature of the fire gasses. The second safety feature is the aerosol itself; once it is active in the atmosphere, the fire gasses present are rendered inert and cannot be ignited.

FireTKO® is a highly effective non-pressurized aerosol Fire Suppression Tool (FST) for both early stage and fully developed structure fires. It is a small, portable unit that contains potassium based chemical components and is deployed manually by pulling a pin which will set off an electronic ignition system. FireTKO® is designed to be a first-use method to combat class A, B, C, and K fires. When the device is deployed at the scene of a fire, FireTKO® releases a cloud of aerosol containing the potassium components, interrupting the chain reaction in the flame. FireTKO® will knockdown the flames and greatly reduce the temperature by as much as 1,000°F in 30 seconds, creating a safer environment for first responders. It also significantly reduces the need for water and is effective in preventing flash-over and back-draft.

  • Pull Pin, non-pyrotechnical (pull out to trigger the electronic ignition)
  • Extensive R&D enables the sophisticated internal syncs the ability to eliminate the possibility of an external flame. A much safer unit than any competitive product.
  • The sophisticated heat sync system enables the FST the ability to carry more aerosol generating product and cover 33% more area than the closest competitor.
  • Each FST has a 15 year shelf life and a 5 year battery life.


Total weight:  11.24Lbs. / 5,100 gr.
Compound weight:  6.40 Lbs. / 2,900 gr.
Volume coverage:  ≤ 5,300cu.ft. / 150 m³
Discharge time:  33 seconds
Activation method:  Manual. electronic ignition
Dimensions:  12.14" x 9.14" x 4.5"
Operational to:  -67°F / -55°C below zero


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