E-Ox Emergency Oxygen System

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E-Ox System 36 w/Oxymizer   E-Ox System 255 w/Oxymizer
Our smallest E-Ox System (left) has a cylinder capacity of 36 liters. One mask with tubing comes standard with the system; the Oxymizer conserving cannula is optional (but highly recommended, since it increases the duration by a factor of four). Extra cylinders, masks, conventional cannulas, and conserving cannulas are also available, as is a "wye" adapter that permits one cylinder/regulator assembly to supply two masks or two cannulas.

E-Ox cylinders: M9, ML6, M6, M4, M2
E-Ox cylinders (left-to-right): M9 (255 liters), ML6 (170 liters), M6 (170 liters), M4 (113 liters), and M2 (36 liters). E-Ox is available in 36-, 113-, 170- and 255-liter capacities (1.3, 4, 6, and 9 cu. ft.). Not shown: 425, 640 and 680 liter cylinders.

E-Ox 36- and 113-liter cylinders with Coke can
Size comparison between the 36- and 113-liter cylinders (without regulator). The 113-liter version is 3 inches taller, one pound heavier, lasts three times as long, and is our best-selling E-Ox model.

The precision E-Ox regulator provides an adjustable flow rate from zero to 4.0 liters per minute (in 0.5 liter per minute steps).

E-Ox pressure gauge
Pressure gauge lets you monitor how much oxygen remains.

E-Ox systems feature an industry-standard CGA 540 filler port
Industry-standard CGA 540 filler port allows cylinder to be refilled virtually anywhere oxygen is sold.

E-Ox gauge, valve, and adjustable regulator 
Regulator, shutoff valve and gauge assembly are identical for all five E-Ox models allowing for easy interchange between cylinders.

REACT electronic conserving device
For maximum endurance, our REACT electronic conserving device provides up to 7 times as much duration from your oxygen cylinder by sensing your inhalation/exhalation cycle and releasing a measured bolus of oxygen at the start of each inhalation (where it will reach the deepest portion of your lungs), then shutting off the flow during the remainder of your inhalation/exhalation cycle (so it isn't wasted). This technology enables you to achieve astonishingly long duration from small portable oxygen cylinders.

Our smallest system, the E-Ox System 36, provides 1.2 hours of oxygen when using the Oxymizer conserving cannula. Our larger systems offer durations up to 22.6 hours using the Oxymizer cannula.