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Doc Blue's Emergency Medical Kit

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Doc Blue's Emergency Medical Kit

Doc Blue's Emergency Medical Kit was developed by co-founder and emergency room physician Dr. Brent Blue for our sister site This is the finest and most versatile first aid kit you can buy. Doc Blue's Emergency Medical Kit is a great choice for the recreational boater embarking on an extended Coastal Cruise or limited Ocean Passage. Combined with a Prescription Medical Kit, a Suture Pack and an IV Pack developed by and one will have all of the necessary equipment, medications and related medical items necessary to address almost any medical emergency that might be encountered in the bay or on an extended Cruise.

Brent Blue

Dr. Brent Blue

Do you carry a first aid kit on your boat, in your airplane or in your car? One of the things that has always driven me crazy about the commercial first aid kits that you find in drugstores and pilot supply catalogs is that they're filled with all sorts of stuff that is totally useless ... and sometimes even harmful. Over the years, I have assembled my own traveling medical kit for dealing with away-from-home emergencies, based on my long experience as an emergency room doc, frequent traveler, pilot, outdoorsman, and dad. Now you can buy a kit of your own substantially identical to the one I carry when I travel.


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Kit contents

Most first aid kits contain too much special-purpose stuff and not enough multi-purpose stuff. When weight and space are at a premium, it's essential to choose medications and other items which can be used to deal with multiple problems. For instance, antibiotic eye drops can be used in the ear, but eardrops cannot be used in the eye.

Read my detailed write-up that explains exactly what I carry in my medical kit, why I selected each item, how it should be used, and why the way it's packaged is so important.

Dr. Blue's Med Kit being WornOrdinary first aid kits are packaged in a plastic or metal hinged-lid box that requires the user to dump most or all of the contents out to find a needed item. This makes the kits difficult to use, which in turn causes people to avoid using them in anything but the most dire emergency. If you carry a first aid kit in your car or airplane or boat or backpack, think about when the last time was that you actually opened the kit and made use of the contents. For most people, the answer is "a long time ago" or "never."

Dr. Blue's medical kit is designed to be useful and user-friendly, not a "break glass in case of emergency" affair. It cuts out all the junk and contains a host of useful items, most of which can be used for a multitude of purposes. At $333, it's not cheap, but it includes stuff you are most likely to actually need. I have included the best and most useful items available, packaged in a fashion that makes the kit truly useful. (If you tried to duplicate this kit on your own, you'd spend well over $500.)

Size: 15" x 11.5" x 6.5"
Weight: 8 lbs. 11 oz.

The contents of Doc Blue's Emergency Kit are:

ItemQty Where It Goes
1"x3" Woven (Swift Brand) 30   Bag Set #7
3" Cotton Tip Applicators Sterile 2's 30   Bag Set #5
3"x4" Non-Ad Pad 5   Bag Set #6
4x4 Gauze 40   Bag Set #6
7/8" Plastic Spot (Swift Brand) 30   Bag Set #7
Arizona Sun SPF 30 1oz 1   Elastic Loops
Aypanal Extra Strength (Acetaminophen) 2's 32   Bag Set #5
Benadryl Caps 25mg 24   Bag Set #2
Betadine Pads 20   Bag Set #1
Betadine Solution 1/2oz 2   Elastic Loops
Blistex 1   Elastic Loops
Buffered Aspirin 2'S 32   Bag Set #4
Cedaprin (Ibuprofen) 200mg 2's 32   Bag Set #4
Character Strips 3/4"x3" 30   Bag Set #7
Co-Flex 3" 1   Interior Zipper Pocket #1
Cold Pack 2   Interior Zipper Pocket #2
Cough Drops Menthol Eucalyptus 24   Bag Set #3
Dermicel Tape 1" 2   Exterior Zipper Pocket #1
Dermicel Tape 2" 1   Exterior Zipper Pocket #1
Dramamine 1   Bag Set #3
Ear Plugs Max (NRR 33) Pr's 4   Bag Set #3
Elastic Bandage 2" 1   Interior Zipper Pocket #1
Elastic Bandage 4" 1   Interior Zipper Pocket #1
Elastic Bandage 6" 1   Exterior Zipper Pocket #1
Electrolyte Tablets 32   Bag Set #2
Eye Wash 4oz 1   Exterior Zipper Pocket #3
Fingertip "8" Woven (Swift Brand) 30   Bag Set #7
First Aid Book 1   Bag Set #6
Flexicon 2" 2   Interior Zipper Pocket #3
Flexicon 4" 2   Interior Zipper Pocket #3
Flexicon 6" 2   Interior Zipper Pocket #3
Folding Paper Cups      
Gloves Nitrile (Blue) Large PR's 2   Belt Wings
Golf Towels ultra Compressed      
Hydrocortisone 1% Foil Pack 5   Bag Set #8
Imodium AD 1   Bag Set #5
Kleenex 2   Bag Set #5
Knuckle Woven (Swift Brand) 30   Bag Set #7
Kotex Maxi Pads (Individually Wrapped) 2   Bag Set #6
Liquid Children's Tylenol 2oz 1   Exterior Zipper Pocket #3
Mastisol 4   Bag Set #8
Moleskin 4"x12" 1   Bag Set #6
Mosquito Hemostat 4" 1   Velcro Keeper
Natrapel (deet free repellent) 2oz 1   Elastic Loops
Nu-Tears 1/2oz 1   Elastic Loops
Pepto Bismol Tablets 48   Bag Set #2
Porous Cloth Tape 1" 2   Exterior Zipper Pocket #1
Porous Cloth Tape 2" 1   Exterior Zipper Pocket #1
Safety Pins Assorted 1   Bag Set #3
Sam Splint 1   Exterior Zipper Pocket #2
Scalpel Blade #10 3   Bag Set #1
Small EMT Shears 1   Velcro Keeper
Steri-strips 1/4x1-1/2 (Envelope of 6) 1   Bag Set #8
Steri-strips 1/4x3 (Envelope of 3) 1   Bag Set #8
Steri-strips 1/8x3 (Envelope of 5) 1   Bag Set #8
Sterile Needles 18guage 3   Elastic Loops
Tampons 2   Bag Set #6
Tee Tree Oil (Burn Away) 1   Elastic Loops
Tongue Blade (non-sterile) 3/4" x 6" 15   Bag Set #5
Trash Bags 20qt 4   Top Slip Pocket
Triangle Bandage 3   Interior Zipper Pocket #1
Urine/puke bag (#1 Travel John) 1   Exterior Zipper Pocket #2
Vacuum Packed Wash Cloths      
Vionex No Rinse Jell 4oz 1   Exterior Zipper Pocket #3
Wash Up Towelettes 30   Bag Set #1
Zip Lock Bags 12" x 15" 2   Bottom Slip Pocket

If you have any questions concerning this product, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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