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  • Adventure Medical Kits Marine 2000 Medical Kit

Adventure Medical Kits Marine 2000

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Adventure Medical Kits Marine Series - Marine 2000 Medical Kit


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"For coastal sailing or cruising where medical help may be up to 24 hours away."Adventure Medical Kits Marine 2000


The Marine 2000 Medical Kit contains many of the same medical instruments and supplies as the larger Marine 3000 although in smaller quantities. This kit is suitable for use while at sea, or in a remote coastal harbor; yet, still within 24 hours of professional medical care. This kit is designed to accommodate a "medium" crew size ( 1-10 people ) and a duration of up to 21 days.

Featuring the Easy Care first aid system, the components are organized in color coded compartments by injury, with Easy Care Instructions inside. The Easy Care System helps one find what is needed quickly and keeps the items not needed clean and dry.

The foam padded case protects the contents and floats.

  • Water-resistant zipper seals moisture out.
  • Abrasion resistant, textured rubber bottom keeps case from sliding on wet surfaces.
  • Reflective webbing makes kit easy to spot in the dark.
  • Injury specific modules feature clear vinyl windows to easily find items.

Size:  22" x 12" x 5.5"
Weight: 12 lbs. 4 oz.

 Dr. Michael Jacobs"While at sea, miles away from shore and hours from medical assistance, it is critical to be prepared in the event of a medical emergency. Having a good medical kit and first aid book on board is as essential as carrying personal flotation devices and signal flares," said Dr. Jacobs, MD, medical director of Vineyard Medical Services on Martha's Vineyard, Mass. and MedSail founder and program director for the Medicine for Mariners and Safety at Sea Conferences. "This book is very user-friendly, with explicit, easy-to-follow instructions for evaluating and treating medical problems in the marine environment.  The book complements the Marine Series medical kits; it facilitates use of the kits contents, and enables an effective response to medical emergencies and virtually every medical problem one is likely to encounter."

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Adventure Medical Kits Marine 2000 Contents:

Medical Information:

Marine Medicine, A Comprehensive Guide, 2nd Edition, April, 2012
by Eric A. Weiss, M.D. & Michael Jacobs, M.D.
Written by highly respected outdoor and marine first aid experts Dr. Eric A Weiss and Dr. Michael Jacobs for sailors, divers, paddlers and water sports devotees, this book emphasizes prevention and treatment of illness and injury. Topics range from CPR and wound management to submersion injuries, hazardous marine life and dive medicine. The 286-page book also includes supplementary material on evacuation of the sick and injured, use of a marine radio, water disinfection and life raft survival.


CPR / Instruments Module:

  1    x    Laerdal® Pocket Mask
  6    x    Nitrile Examination Gloves                       
  3    x    Antimicrobial Hand Wipes
  2    x    Infectious Control Bags
  1    x    Blood Pressure Cuff
  1    x    Stethoscope   
  1    x    Oral Airway Kit (set of 6)
  1    x    Nasal Airways (7.0mm & 7.5mm)
  1    x    Foley Catheter 16fr
  2    x    Surgical Gloves 7.5mm
  1    x    Sterile Single Use Disposa Bag
  1    x    Sterile Lubricant (for catheter & nasal
  1    x    Digital Thermometer 90° - 105°F           
  1    x    EMT Shears
  1    x    Splinter Picker Forceps
  6    x    Safety Pins
  1    x    Accident Report & Pencil
  1    x    Emergency Reflective Blanket
Marine 2000 Medical Kit CPR / Instruments Module

Medications Module:

  3    x    Oral Rehydration Mix
  1    x    Laxative
  1    x    Water Resistant Sunscreen SPF30 1oz.
  1    x    Lip Balm SPF 30
  1    x    Zinc Oxide 1oz.
  1    x    Vinegar
  1    x    Ear Drops
  1    x    Insect Repellent 30% DEET
  2    x    Eye Wash
  6    x    Alamag Plus Antacid
24    x    Extra Strength Tylenol®
24    x    Motrin®
12    x    Aspirin (325mg.)
12    x    Antihistamine
24    x    Cold Medicine
24    x    DioTame Pepto
12    x    Diamode (Immodium®)
  6    x    Cortisone Cream 1%
  1    x    After Bite® Sting Relief
  1    x    Nasal Spray
  6    x    Pepcid® AC
20    x    Meclizine
  1    x    Tolnftate Cream
  1    x    Antibacterial Hand Gel
  4    x    Tuck's®
  1    x    Cough Syrup
Marine 2000 Medical Kit Medications Module

Wound Care Module:

  8    x    Nitrile Examination Gloves
  4    x    Antimicrobial Hand Wipes
  2    x    Infectious Control Bag
  2    x    20cc. Irrigation Syringes
  1    x    Surgical Scrub Brush
  2    x    Povidone Iodine Solution (1 oz.)
20    x    Wound Closure Strips
  4    x    Tincture of Benzoin
  1    x    Antibiotic Ointment 1oz.
  8    x    Antibiotic Ointment Packets*
20    x    After Cuts & Scrapes® Towellettes*
15    x    Alcohol Swabs
72    x    4x4 or 3x3 or 2x2's Sterile Dressings
10    x    4x4 Non-Sterile Dressings
  2    x    Transparent Dressing 4x4.75
  1    x    Transparent Dressing 2 3/8x2 3/4
  2    x    Eye Pad
  5    x    Non-Adherent Sterile Dressings
  2    x    Adaptic® Non-Adherent Dressings
  3    x    Conforming Gauze Bandages (2" or 3")
  2    x    Adhesive Tape - 10 yards (1")
42    x    Strip, Knuckle & Fingertip Bandages*
  8    x    Waterproof Bandages*
40    x    Cotton Tipped Applicators
  1    x    Moleskin 7"x4"
  4    x    Tounge Blades
  1    x    Scalpel #11 Blade Sterile
  2    x    Self-Adherent Elastic Bandage 3" & 2"
Marine 2000 Medical Kit Wound Care Module

Burn / Blister Module:

  2    x    Nitrile Gloves
  2    x    Tender's After Burn Aloe (1 oz.)*
1    x    Spenco 2nd® Skin 2x3
  1    x    Spenco 2nd® Skin 3x4
  4    x    Adaptic® Non-Adherent Dressings
  2    x    Non-Woven Adhesive Knit Bandage
  1    x    Self-Adherent Elastic Bandage
Marine 2000 Medical Kit Burn Blister Module

Fracture / Sprain Module: 

  1    x    SAM® Splint
  2    x    SAM® Finger Splint
  2    x    Instant Cold Compresses
  2    x    Elastic Bandage w/ Velcro® (4" or 6")
  1    x    Self-Adherent Elastic Bandage 3"
  2    x    Triangular Bandages
Marine 2000 Medical Kit Fracture / Sprain Module

Dental Kit / Suture / Syringe Module:

  1    x    Cavit® Temporary Filling
  1    x    Wax Rope
  1    x    Mouth Mirror
10    x    Cotton Pellets
  4    x    Cotton Rolls
  1    x    Spatula
  1    x    Scalpel #11 Blade Sterile
  1    x    3-0 Nylon Suture with Cutting needle
  1    x    5-0 Nylon Suture with Cutting needle
  2    x    3cc Syringes
  1    x    5cc Syringe
  1    x    20cc Syringe with Catheter
  2    x    25g x 5/8" Needles
  2    x    18g x 1.5" Needles
  2    x    21g x 1.5" Needles
  1    x    Angiocatheter 18g
  1    x    Sterile Drape
  1    x    Mayo-Hager Needle Holder 5"
  1    x    Scissors s/s 5"
  1    x    Thumb Tissue Forceps 4.5" ( mouse tooth)
  1    x    Kelly Clamps
  1    x    Skin Stapler 15 shot
  1    x    Staple Remover
  1    x    IV Administration Set
  2    x    Surgical Gloves 7.0
  2    x    Surgical Gloves 8.0
Marine 2000 Medical Kit Dental Kit / Suture / Syringe Module

Bleeding Module: 

  3    x    8x10 and/or 5x9 Trauma Pads
  4    x    Nitrile Examination Gloves
  2    x    Antimicrobial Hand Wipes
  1    x    Infectious Control Bag
  1    x    Self-Adherent Elastic Bandage 2"
  10    x    4x4 Non-sterile Dressings
Marine 2000 Medical Kit Bleeding Module

* All items noted with an asterisk are stored in the Crew Member Kit.


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