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ReliefBand Voyager
ReliefBand Voyager - Electronic, Drug Free, Motion Sickness Relief
Mfr: Neurowave Medical Technologies
$129.00 $119.00
  Product Description  Manufacturer  Price  Order Qty 
ReliefBand VoyagerReliefBand Voyager
ReliefBand Voyager - Electronic, Drug Free, Motion Sickness Relief
Neurowave Medical Technologies$129.00 $119.00 

ReliefBand® Voyager - Electronic Band For Motion Sickness Relief
         by Neurowave Medical Technologies

Now available for immediate shipment !

Re-introductory Pricing and a Plastic ReliefBand Carrying Case included !

The New ReliefBand® Voyager from Neurowave Medical Technologies, was released back on the market at the beginning of November, 2013.

The New ReliefBand® Voyager from Neurowave Medical Technologies, builds upon the success of the ReliefBand® product-line through the years.

The phenomenal ReliefBand® Voyager offers the most effective and predictable relief available for the nausea and vomiting associated with motion sickness of any remedy we've tested, and does it with none of the adverse side effects (drowsiness, pupil dilation, etc.) normally associated with anti-nausea drugs. This wristwatch-sized electronic device straps to the inside of the wrist and stimulates the median nerve, blocking the nervous impulses that produce nausea and vomiting. The ReliefBand® Voyager has been tested extensively in both clinical and field trials, and is FDA cleared for relief of motion sickness.

The ReliefBand® Voyager is equally effective in preventing sea sickness, car sickness, morning sickness and any other situation that causes nausea or vomiting.

The ReliefBand® Voyager features a water-resistant case and non-replaceable batteries. At the medium setting ( level 3 ) it will provide approximately 120 hours of relief !

Neurowave Medical Technologies took the features of the acclaimed ReliefBand® Explorer and gave it a shot of adrenaline for the new ReliefBand® Voyager, providing a new era for sea sickness and nausea relief . 

Some of the many features of the ReliefBand® Voyager include:

  • Splash- and Shock-Resistant 
  • A cleaner, sleeker, more stylish appearance
  • Push Button Control: On/Off and change of settings
  • 5 Power Settings for User Control
  • Up to 120 hours of continuous relief at Level 3

"If you were going to test the ReliefBand® on a boat, where would the most difficult water in the world be?  I can tell you from personal experience that the Drake Passage from Argentina to Antarctica where two oceans meet is absolutely the worst.  My 11 year old son and I each used the ReliefBand® with great success on our recent traverse of the Passage and had other passengers cursing me for not bringing any relief bands to sell on the boat.  We had 30 foot seas one day and the ReliefBand® brought us through with flying colors.  What’s more, we didn’t have the side effects (like dry mouth, sedation, and visual changes) to deal with."

"I have always used the ReliefBand® in my airplane for passengers.  This water crossing was the ultimate test for me.  As a physician, I can tell you the ReliefBand® is the best thing ever for motion sickness (and pregnancy, chemotherapy, and other causes of nausea/vomiting).  I don’t leave home with out it!"
- Brent Blue MD

ReliefBand® Voyager includes:


  • Relief Band Voyager
  • One tube of Conductivity Gel
  • Pre-Installed Batteries ( not replaceable )
  • Instructional Booklet
  • Nylon Strap (Contains Latex)





ReliefBand® Voyager : Relief with Comfort in Mind

sea sickness relief


ReliefBand® Voyager emits a low-level electrical current across two small electrodes on its underside, providing quick relief for sea sickness sufferers. Specifically, the ReliefBand® Voyager work by stimulating the Pericardium 6 nerve (often referred to as the Neiguan point), which in turn signals the brain to have the stomach resume its normal rhythm, no matter the situation. 

relief band proven relief


"Whatever euphemism you use -- puking, urping, barfing, power yawn -- motion sickness is a huge problem for aviation. It's a common reason for student pilots to quit, a major impediment to aerobatic training, and such a serious problem for passengers that many pilots can't coax spouses or children to fly with them. In this interview, AVweb's aeromedical expert Dr. Brent Blue talks about what causes motion sickness and discusses the various drug and non-drug remedies available, including a just-released electronic device that looks like it might be the best answer yet." - Brent Blue MD (read the whole article)



Size ........................................Teardrop shape 1.5” x 2” x 0.45” (3.81 x 5.08 x 1.14 cm)
Weight.....................................Approximately 1.2 ounces (34 grams)
User Controls ..........................Push Button
User Displays...........................On: Flashing Green LED at Power Level Low
Battery ...................................Flashing light indicator
Output Channels .....................Two electrodes
Maximum Output .....................35mA
Battery ...................................Two 3V lithium coin cell batteries
The Battery is Not replaceable, not rechargeable


This product contains natural rubber latex, which may cause allergic skin reactions.


Pacemaker users - Use this device only as directed on the wrist to prevent possible interference with your pacemaker. Avoid placing the electrodes directly on your chest or near the pacemaker.

The ReliefBand® Voyager should only be used on the wrist. Do not use it on any other areas of the body because the device might cause undesirable effects such as tingling, mustle twitching or skin irritation.

The ReliefBand® Voyager should be kept out of the reach of young children.

Available replacement items and accessories include:

ReliefBand Carrying Case (Black)
ReliefBand Conductive Jell ( 2 fl. oz. tube )


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ReliefBand Voyager
ReliefBand Voyager
$129.00 $119.00
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ReliefBand Carrying Case (black)
ReliefBand Carrying Case (black)
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ReliefBand Jell
ReliefBand Jell
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 Qty Product Description  Manufacturer  Price 
OceanMedix Severe Bldg Mgmt. Pac
OceanMedix Severe Bleeding Mgmt. Pack$184.90
ReliefBand Voyager
ReliefBand Voyager - Electronic, Drug Free, Motion Sickness Relief
Neurowave Medical Technologies$129.00 $119.00
QuikClot 1st Response 25g - 5 pk
QuikClot 1st Response 25g Advanced Clotting Sponge - 5 pack
QuikClot ACS+ - 100g
QuikClot ACS+ - 100 gram Advanced Clotting Sponge
QuikClot 1st Response - 25g
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Trauma Wound / Israeli Bndg. - 6
Trauma Wound / Israeli Bandage - 6"
First Care Products$13.25
Trauma Wound / Israeli Bndg. - 4
Trauma Wound / Israeli Bandage - 4"
First Care Products$12.65
ReliefBand Carrying Case (black)
ReliefBand Carrying Case (black)$11.00
ReliefBand Jell
ReliefBand Jell - Lectron II Conductivity Jell (2 fl. oz. tube)
Pharmaceutical Innovations, Inc.$7.99

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